Thomas Pliske to Present at Annual Taxpayer's Against Fraud Boot Camp

Tax Whistleblower Law Firm founder, Thomas C. Pliske will be speaking at the Taxpayers Against Fraud IRS, CFTC and SEC Boot Camp in Washington, DC on November 16, 2015.  Mr. Pliske will discuss important issues under the IRS Tax Whistleblower Program, including:

  1. General Information
    1. Miscellaneous Information
    2. Statistcs
  2. Nuts and Bolts of I.R.C.§7623
    1. Qualifications
    2. Filing a Claim
    3. Amount of an Award
  3. Appellate Process
    1. Administrative Appeal
    2. Judicial Appeal
    1. Recent Court Decisions
    2. Tax Court Litigation
    3. Filing Suit, Tax Court Discovery, etc.
  4. Guidance to IRS Whistleblower Program
    1. I.R.C. §7623

    2. Treasury Regulations

    3. I.R.M.25.2.2 Whistleblower Awards

    4. Tax Court Cases

    5. Miscellaneous Notices

  5. Other Things to Consider
    1. Confidentiality
    2. Criminal Implications
    3. Tainted Information
    4. Whistleblower must be Tax Compliant
  6. Best Business Practice

To register for the November 16, 2015 TAF Boot Camp, please contact Taxpayers Against Fraud.