Our team of tax attorneys have been submitting (211) tax whistleblower claims since 2007, shortly after the enactment of I.R.C. § 7623(b).  We are one of the few law firms that has successfully filed tax whistleblower claims under the new program (I.R.C. § 7623(b)) (i.e. claims in excess of $2 million) and received millions of dollars of awards for our clients as well as receiving awards under the old tax whistleblower program (I.R.C. § 7623(a)) (i.e. claims under $2,000,000).

However, please be assured that we will not issue press releases touting the success of our clients' claims.  We will not state that we are responsible for the recovering billions of dollars of fraud in an effort to lead you to believe that it is from the IRS whistleblower program, when in fact it is under another area of law, (i.e. Federal False Claims Act (qui tam), personal injury, wrongful death, etc.).

We understand the importance of confidentiality and therefore, we do not and will not announce our accomplishments in these tax whistleblower cases.  The marketing of our firm's success is not worth jeopardizing our client's confidentiality.  We do not put our marketing efforts and our desire to expand our practice before you and your case as your confidentiality is our top priority.  We suggest that you be cautious of any law firm/attorney that would issue a press release that contains any identifying information such as the dollar amount of the case, the type of taxpayer involved (e.g., a Fortune 500 company), a client of a particular accounting firm, etc. at risk of disclosing the whistleblower's identity.  

In summary, we are Tax Attorneys that engage only in the legal practice of representing tax whistleblowers before the IRS.  We do not engage in other legal work and simply dabble in the IRS tax whistleblower line of work.  We have been submitting cases to the IRS since the new program began and we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.  We will simply state that our past efforts have resulted in awards under I.R.C. § 7623(a) (under $2,000,000) as well as awards under I.R.C. § 7623(b) (over $2,000,000).