What makes TWLF unique is our steadfast focus on our clients and the IRS Whistleblower Program.  Our client base is comprised of CEOs, CFOs, Corporate Attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals seeking to right the wrong by providing information to the IRS to stop abusive tax practices.  We build relationships with our clients and enjoy helping them through the claims process by bringing our vast tax knowledge and legal expertise to the table.

  • Each of our Attorneys are qualified (i.e. former IRS attorneys, licensed CPA, masters in tax law, etc.) tax attorneys.
  • Our firm has over 40+ years combined experience in tax compliance, tax planning, tax controversy, tax whistleblower law, and tax court litigation.
  • Our Attorneys have been actively involved in the IRS Whistleblower Program since 2007.
  • We co-counsel and assist other attorneys with tax whistleblower claims and litigation.
  • Every IRS Whistleblower claim submitted by our firm has been accepted into the program.
  • Our Attorneys work each claim from the beginning to the end of the process and do not assign cases to legal assistants or associates.
  • As experts in the field, our Attorneys have given speeches on the IRS Whistleblower program (AICPA, MOBar, accounting firms, etc.) written articles, spoken at all public hearings and submitted comments with respect to proposed IRC § 7623 regulations and are in daily contact with the IRS Whistleblower Office personnel.
  • We constantly take steps to protect our client's identity.
  • Our Attorneys have successfully filed claims and received awards in the millions of dollars under the whistleblower statute IRC § 7623(a) and (b) (i.e. both the old and new whistleblower program)
  • We continuously work with and assist IRS criminal and civil examination agents, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, ICE agents, FDIC agents, FBI agents, and senate subcommittee personnel in an effort to enhance our clients' tax whistleblower claims.
  • Our Clients have in excess of $100,000,000,000 of claims pending with the IRS Whistleblower Office.
  • We will administratively appeal every award determination at the request of our client to assure that the award has been properly determined by the IRS.
  • Our Firm represents Whistleblowers in their U.S. Tax Court appeals in an effort to maximize awards.
  • Our clients are located throughout the United States and around the world.

In summary, our firm has submitted hundreds of claims for billions of dollars.  Our goal is to improve the IRS program by submitting the very best tax whistleblower claim package to maximize the award while minimizing the examination time.  Our attorneys travel throughout the United States to meet with clients or to attend IRS "debriefing" meetings.

The IRS Whistleblower Program I.R.C. § 7623(b)

Congress mandated the IRS to pay rewards of 15% to 30% of tax collected to Whistleblowers who  provided "specific and credible" information that substantially contributed to the determination and collection of tax. Read more.

the Ideal tax whistleblower

The ideal Tax Whistleblower is the attorney, CPA, CFO, CEO, tax director, or any other individual with inside information and knowledge as to the Taxpayer's underpayment of tax.  Read more.

our confidentiality  assurance

Client privacy is our top priority.  We actively take take steps to protect our whistleblower's identity from intentional or unintentional disclosures.  Read More.