It is the mission of the Tax Whistleblower Law Firm to provide the highest level of legal services, aimed at successfully obtaining IRS Whistleblower awards for our clients.  We will gather and present specific and credible information to the IRS that will substantially contribute to the examination, determination, assessment and collection of tax, by the IRS, that may result in an award to our clients.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help support, educate and navigate our clients through the IRS process.

TWLF is devoted to the following:

  • Listening to our clients to ensure complete understanding of their claim.
  • Independently researching factual and legal issues to enhance the claim.
  • Working as a team with our clients and the IRS.
  • Maximizing whistleblower awards.
  • Minimizing timelines.
  • Protecting our client's identity and confidentiality of the claim.
  • Communicating daily with the IRS.
  • Routinely supplementing the claim with new and pertinent information.
  • Attending IRS debriefings.
  • Appealing award determinations.
  • Working with the IRS, SEC, FBI, FDIC, US Attorney, TIGTA, GAO and Congress to enhance the whistleblower claim.
  • Utilizing other legally available means to increase the chances of success of the IRS whistleblower claim.

We are committed to helping our clients navigate through the complex, lengthy and ever evolving IRS Whistleblower Program.

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